Nominations should be submitted by August 17, 2022 so that they may be acted upon by the Board of Directors. The awards presentations will be made at the Annual Awards Luncheon. Each person submitting a nomination should be assured that the proposed recipient will accept the award and be present at the Annual Awards Luncheon.

Please use our form to submit your nomination.

Award Nomination Form

George Stout Award

  1. The candidate must be a member of the ASCE South Jersey Branch who has practiced in the profession for a least 10 years.
  2. The candidate must have demonstrated a willingness to support chapter activities and is a respected member of the engineering profession.
  3. The candidate must exemplify both in professional and private life, the standards of ethical behavior and integrity that ASCE is based upon.

Distinguished Citizen

  1. Award to a citizen of the South Jersey area who by his/her service and work has accomplishments that are of importance to Civil Engineers of the profession.

Distinguished Engineer

  1. The candidate must possess the qualifications to be a member of ASCE.
  2. The candidate must have a credible career in engineering.
  3. The candidate must, by their work in the field of engineering and community service in the South Jersey area, have brought credit to themselves and the engineering profession.
  4. The candidate must be nominated in writing and selected by the board.
  5. The candidate must have a significant career that has been primarily that of engineering distinct from an engineering management or an engineering entrepreneurship position.

South Jersey Outstanding Civil Engineering Project of the Year

This award is presented for the outstanding civil engineering project recently constructed in the South Jersey Area. The Award is presented to Project Owner, but the engineering design team and construction team will also be recognized. A project of significant importance involving aspects of Civil engineering and design, constructed in the South Jersey Area or involving substantial work within South Jersey if the project crosses State boundary lines and completed by the nomination deadline.

Award Nomination Form

Past Award Recipients

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